Nithyavanam is a spiritual retreat built in the memory of Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati.

There are many spiritual organizations all over the country that impart philosophical and spiritual knowledge to people. However most of them include some form of faith-based worship and purity rituals. There are very few places for a modern man without belief in such ideas to learn philosophy and spirituality. Nityavanam was founded with the aim of filling this gap.


Being A Cultural ‘Hindu’


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Am I A Hindu?


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Learning and Unlearning


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Nithyavanam aims to run a program of spiritual and philosophical education. We offer places to stay for  individuals who wish to spend some time away from the city & undertake spiritual training or intellectual activities.


Nityavanam is located in Vellimalai, a village in the mountains around Bargur, near Anthiyur, in the Erode district of Tamil Nadu. Nityavanam is maintained like a partial forest.  Benches laid out under trees are ideal for enjoying nature.


Literary meetings & courses on philosophy organized by writer Jeyamohan will take place here. Yoga classes will be offered. Spaces will be rented on donation basis for meetings discussing philosophy, literature or spirituality. 


Our premises of fourteen acres provides plenty of space for walking and sports.

One can take long walks to the quiet villages in the nearby mountains if they wish.

Upon request short hikes and treks in the mountains can be arranged