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Nityavanam is a private organization founded and run by writer Jeyamohan.

There are many spiritual organizations all over the country that impart philosophical and spiritual knowledge to people. However most of them include some form of faith-based worship and purity rituals. There are very few places for a modern man without belief in such ideas to learn philosophy and spirituality. Nityavanam was founded with the aim of filling this gap.

There are no religious rules, beliefs or notions of ritual purity at Nityavanam.

Literary gatherings, courses in philosophy and spiritual training courses will take place here in a modern setting.

Nityavanam also has some quiet cottages for retreat. Individuals and families who want some time away from the bustle of our everyday life are welcome to stay at Nityavanam and engage in a course of study or take some quiet time off. Some of our cottages are built away from the main buildings, in complete solitude. These are ideal for individuals who want to be away from society for a while.

We also have cottages ideal for aspirants who wish to practice Vipassana and meditation.


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