People behind us


Ajithan, writer Jeyamohan’s son, is also a Tamil novelist. He has a master degree in Philosophy from Sri Sankara University, Kaladi. Well trained in Western and Indian philosophy, Ajithan is particularly drawn to later Buddhist ideas and the work of German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. He is passionate about the music of composer Richard Wagner

Ajithan’s first novel Maitri has, at its core, a philosophical vision influenced by Saivism and Buddhism. At present he is working on a book on philosophy.


Jeyamohan, a tamil author, has recreated the epic Mahabaratha into the Jeyamohan is a Tamil writer. He has written the world’s longest novel, a recreation of the epic Mahabharatha. The novel, Venmurasu, is a series with 26 volumes and over 25,000 pages. He has written over 350 books including novels, short stories, literary criticism etc. He has written over 30 books on Indian spiritual traditions. He is a disciple of Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati.


A.S. Krishnan

A.S.Krishnan is a lawyer based in Erode and a friend of Jeyamohan. He is one of the coordinators of Nithyavanam.


Anthiyur Mani has studied the Saiva Siddhanta (Tamil Saivism) and the works of Siddhars (ancient Tamil mystics). He is employed with Nithyavanam.

Anandh Kumar

Engineer Anandh Kumar oversaw the construction of Nithyavanam.