- Who We Are -

Nityavanam is a private organization founded and run by writer Jeyamohan.

There are many spiritual organizations all over the country that impart philosophical and spiritual knowledge to people. However most of them include some form of faith-based worship and purity rituals. There are very few places for a modern man without belief in such ideas to learn philosophy and spirituality. Nityavanam was founded with the aim of filling this gap.

There are no religious rules, beliefs or notions of ritual purity at Nityavanam. Literary gatherings, courses in philosophy and spiritual training courses will take place here in a modern setting.

Nityavanam also has some quiet cottages for retreat. Individuals and families who want some time away from the bustle of our everyday life are welcome to stay at Nityavanam and engage in a course of study or take some quiet time off. Some of our cottages are built away from the main buildings, in complete solitude. These are ideal for individuals who want to be away from society for a while.

We also have cottages ideal for aspirants who wish to practice Vipassana and meditation.


Nityavanam aims to run a program of spiritual and philosophical education. It offers places of stay for individuals who wish to spend some time away from the city and undertake spiritual training or intellectual activities. We have cottages that are ideal for meditation.

This is a spiritual retreat built in the memory of Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati. We don’t entertain pleasure-seeking activities here.


Nityavanam is located in Vellimalai, a village in the mountains around Bargur, near Anthiyur, in the Erode district of Tamil Nadu.

Buses travelling from Anthiyur to Matam via Bargur will stop at Vellimalai. 

For individuals travelling from other cities, travel arrangements can be made from Erode or Anthiyur with due notice.


As part of Nityavanam’s activities, literary meetings and courses on philosophy organized by writer Jeyamohan will take place here.

Our spaces will be rented on donation basis to organizations that wish to organize meetings for discussing philosophy, literature or spirituality. Classes on yoga will also be offered here.

There is one hostel and five cottages on our premises here. All together, twenty-five people can occupy them. A further twenty-five people can be accommodate in tents. There is a dining hall capable of accommodating fifty people and a main hall that can seat a hundred people.



Our premises comprise of fourteen acres of land. There is plenty of space for walking and sports.

One can take long walks to the quiet villages in the nearby mountains if they wish.

Upon request, short trips to the scenic parts in the mountains and villages and short hikes and treks in the mountains can be arranged.


For those wishing to organize events at Nityavanam, we can arrange to have food cooked and served. Our kitchen space is capable of handling cooking for a hundred people. 

There are kitchens in the cottages if people staying there wish to cook their own food. Upon request, food can be arranged to be delivered from outside.

Since Nityavanam is located in a village in the mountains, we are limited by our choices when it comes to availability of a variety of foods. Our homestays and cottages are for people who want a quiet, simple stay experience.


People staying in Nityavanam as participants in its organized activities are expected to pay Rs. 500 per day. Expenses for food and other expenses shall be shared among the participants. Donations for other activities will be mentioned separately.

Family cottages are rented out for a minimum of Rs. 2000 per day. If only one person will stay in the cottage, the rent will be Rs. 1500 per day. For stays over ten days, it would be Rs. 1000 per day. These rates are only for stay. Food will require additional expenses.

Donations for other activities will be mentioned separately as they are announced.


Main stay area

The main stay area is located on the hill in the middle of Nityavanam. It has four bedrooms and a hall in the middle. Each room has two beds. If necessary, floor mattresses will be provided to accommodate two more people. All rooms have attached bathrooms. The hall in the middle is a common room for all the people.


There are two cottages near the main stay hall. There is one more cottage near the main hall. Two more cottages are located a bit far from the main premises. People who desire complete solitude can stay there.

These concrete-roofed cottages are fifty square feet each. Each cottage has a bedroom, a hall, a bedroom and a kitchen. There is also a big outer verandah that can seat ten people.  


Dining hall

There is a dining hall near to the main stay area that can seat 50 people at a time, along with an attached kitchen where food for a hundred people can be cooked. 

Main Hall

The main hall can seat a hundred people. There are restrooms attached. There is also a low raised dais.

There is also a small pond in front of the main hall. 

Sitting places

Nityavanam is maintained like a partial forest. There are many benches laid out under trees with good views. They are ideal for enjoying nature and conversations.

Internet, Cell phones

We don’t have access to fast internet here. The network can only be used to check emails and Whatsapp from time to time. Cell phone network access is also limited.


  • Drinking alcohol on the premises is not permitted.
  • Non-vegetarian food is not allowed on the premises. The native people of these areas are vegetarians.  
  • பொது நிகழ்ச்சிகளில் மட்டுமே தனியாக வரும் பெண்கள் அனுமதிக்கப்படுவார்கள்.
  • A proof of identity is necessary.
  • This region is frequented by many rare birds. Hence lighting fires in the open and creating noise with digital devices are not permitted as it may disturb the birds.
  • Nityavanam was created for people to enjoy solitude and be one with nature. Hence entertainments including television, video games etc. are not available on the premises. Sports and games are allowed.