Dream about the Gigantic Carpet (Story)

To Read the original Tamil story click here மாபெரும் கம்பளம் பற்றிய கனவு In the later part of the fourteenth century, due to the growing demand for carpets woven from coconut fibre among the royalty of Hellenistic countries, history records the industrial renaissance in the regions from Kulachal to Kochi and the formation of a new … Read more

Being A Cultural ‘Hindu’

To read the original Tamil article -Click கலாச்சார இந்து Dear Jeyamohan, I read that the Turkish writer and Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk calls himself a ‘Cultural Muslim’. That is, someone who does not necessarily follow the rules of Islam, but continues to maintains his cultural and historical connection with it. There seems to be … Read more

Learning and Unlearning

To read the original Tamil Article Click கல்வியழித்தல் Dear Mr. Jeyamohan, You have given a detailed response to Kumar Mullakkal’s question about reading/learning. I am eager to know your take on the Manikka Vasagar quote: I don’t need the learned; Learning will happen hereafter… Marabin Mainthan Muthiah * Dear J, On the subject of Jeyakanthan, … Read more